Our new associate

Say hello to Marnix Oosterwelder, our new associate. His broad design experiences in both SME and multinational context guarantee an integral project approach. Innovation has become a common term but Marnix always aims for a high value scale. With him strategic insight is linked to -among other competencies- a personal talent: a smooth and clear visualization of ideas in complex processes such as in our strategic business workshops. “Good visualization says more than a thousand words.” the saying goes, which we support along with Marnix.

De eerste grote publicatie over het Rotterdamse ontwerpbureau Hard Werken

One For All is de eerste grote publicatie over het innovatieve en experimentele Rotterdamse ontwerpbureau Hard Werken. De groep bestond uit leden van het tijdschrift Hard Werken, waaronder mede-oprichter van Jacobs&Kars, Willem Kars, dat van 1979 tot 1982 in Rotterdam werd uitgegeven. Dit lijvige en krankzinnige boek onderzoekt hun praktijk en nalatenschap, plaatst deze in een internationale context, en toont de hedendaagse relevantie ervan. De publicatie wordt verwacht in het najaar van 2017 maar kan nu al besteld worden bij uitgeverij Valiz.

Upgrade your summer beach reading

Today’s reality is stranger than anything fiction could have imagined–and the vast political, economic, and technological upheavals of the past year don’t exactly lend themselves to clarity. Want to understand the future of design? Read this article at co.design and upgrade your summer beach reading with these books about the future of cities, AI, big data, and more.

Eindhoven wordt nog cooler!

De gemeente Eindhoven heeft stedenbouwkundige en architect Winy Maas benoemd tot supervisor binnenstad. Hij gaat adviseren over alle grote ruimtelijke plannen in de binnenstad en de samenhang daartussen. Dat gaat over architectuur, stedenbouw en de openbare ruimte. Met het aanstellen van de supervisor wil Eindhoven een kwaliteitsslag maken naar een aangenaam verblijfsklimaat met allure.

Top 20 (Design) Thinking Reads

Whether you’re just curious about the concept of design thinking or you’ve been involved in the design thinking world for years, there’s always more to explore. What are the best resources for learning more about design thinking? Design Gym started a living list of some their favorite books.

Leiderschapsstijlen voor designers

Goed verhaal over de wijze waarop je leiding kunt geven zonder de baas te zijn, van Jeroen van Erp en Merijn Hillen van ontwerpbureau Fabrique in hun gastblog op adformatie.nl. Alles over leiderschapsstijlen voor designers.

Philips Innovation Awards 2017

And the winner of the Philips Innovation Awards 2017 is: GBM Works! GBM Works developed the Active Pile Driving Tip, a new method for installing offshore wind turbine foundations. Jacobs&Kars were asked to join the PIA business panel in the first round to judge several business cases of all sorts and sizes. Out of these contestants we were happy to support the very promising Nowi Energy all the way to the finals..!

Values Dialogue: successfully applied in more than 25 countries

This month one year ago we finalized the DLL Values Dialogue. A product that enables employees to understand ethics in their daily personal and professional life. The DLL Values Dialogue was initiated and developed by Joris Jacobs and Elisa Hoeijmakers-Kruiper and co created with the DLL Values Dialogue team led by Sara Sitton. DLL Values Dialogue by now is successfully applied in more than 25 countries, already supporting 3000 employees.


A best of both worlds proposition for SAMR

This week, one year ago, we supported SAMR – SmartAgent MarketResponse, in laying the foundation for the SAMR DesignLab department. By means of re-thinking, re-defining and translating their qualitative research proposition into a research and design proposition. A best of both worlds proposition. Thanks for involving us in taking this courageous and admirable step. Beautiful to see how this seed roots and grows.